24" Flusher Handle


Brand: CanAm

Product Description

The D050 CanAm 2' Flusher Handle has a half the standard reach, providing good leverage, sensitivity, and feel – connecting to all Drywall Flushers easily. The stainless ball joint provides maximum tool lifetime and versatile movement of the Flusher Head. The lightweight aluminum tube features a short 24” reach, while the rubber grip provides optimal comfort, and anti-slip control.

  • This 24 inch Flusher Pole is good to use with any CanAm Inside Corner Flusher, and the 15/16” ball joint is compatible with popular Finishing Heads
  • Easy maintenance and intuitive design makes Flusher handling simple and quick; robust handle delivers excellent usability for a long time
  • Affordable Handle augments your tool kit for small spaces, works with industry-standard heads fitted with a ball socket.
  • Made in Canada with high-quality, lightweight, anodized aluminum tube, superior stainless steel flusher ball, and a comfortable size hand grip.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Performance Policy – every CanAm tool is warrantied against manufacturing defects and errors in workmanship – product support is just a phone call away!