Direct Corner Finisher 2½" - Apply Mud and Finish Corners


Brand: CanAm

Product Description


The C100 CanAm Direct 2½” Corner Finisher is ideal for the initial coating of paper tape after rolling. Save time and money when you use a direct flusher to apply mud, wipe, and feather any inside 90° corner in a single pass, with little need for cleanup or sanding.  Not only does this tool leave you with a flawless finish, but it minimizes the work you do. CanAm's hardened stainless steel wiping blades with feathering tabs, and stainless runners ensure a fast, uniform finish every time. The lightweight aluminum body connects effortlessly to most Applicator Tubes, and Corner Boxes.

  • Direct Flushers by CanAm are faster and more precise than finishing by hand; use with any Compound Applicator Tube to apply mud, wipe, and feather inside 90 degree corners
  • Quick mud application and easy maintenance allows finishing of both sides of a corner without the need of a separate head for mud application
  • Versatile component for a Taping Tool Set for initial coating of paper tape after rolling; follow with a second coat and larger Flusher for best finishing results
  • Made in Canada with high-quality, lightweight aluminum body, and superior stainless steel blade and runners
  • Unlimited Lifetime Performance Policy – every CanAm tool is warrantied against manufacturing defects and errors in workmanship – product support is just a phone call away!