42" Compound Tube - Best All Purpose Joint Compound Applicator


Brand: CanAm

Product Description

The A300 CanAm Compound Applicator 42” Mud Tube is an excellent combination for simplicity, accuracy, and speed. The Applicator Tube applies quick setting or air drying joint compound through Applicator Heads and Direct Corner Finishers, providing a smooth, accurate, and even flow of mud. It is used in taping, finishing interior angles, flats, and the application of corner bead. CanAm’s anodized seamless aluminum Applicator Tubes are designed for rugged performance, professional use, quick dis-assembly, easy clean-up, and extended service life.

  • Use a CanAm Compound Tube with popular Drywall Applicator Heads to achieve the best finish on flat joints, inside corners, and outside corners
  • Quick to disassemble for easy cleaning inside the Tube; the Nitrile Plunger is low-friction, leak-resistant, and heavy-duty to give you long-lasting tool life
  • Integral component in a Taping Tool Set for drywall mud application in almost any job; can be used with a CanAm Direct Corner Flusher to apply and feather mud without changing tools
  • Made in Canada with high-quality, lightweight anodized aluminum, and an ergonomic, durable design
  • Unlimited Lifetime Performance Policy – every CanAm tool is warrantied against manufacturing defects and errors in workmanship – product support is just a phone call away!