Applicator Ball - Replaceable Ball for Compound Applicator Tube


Brand: CanAm

Product Description

The A133 CanAm Applicator Ball is a replaceable part for any CanAm Compound Applicator Tube. The machined ball is fitted for use with any of CanAm's direct Flushers, or Applicator Heads.

  • Easy to install, simply remove the worn ball and thread on the new one by hand - use a non-marking rubber pad (e.g. strap wrench) for best results
  • Extend the life of your CanAm Tool Compound Applicator Tube with a replaceable Ball end
  • Made in Canada
  • Unlimited Lifetime Performance Policy – every CanAm tool is guaranteed to have no manufacturing defects and errors in workmanship – product support is just a phone call away