Standard Outside Corner Applicator


Brand: CanAm

Product Description

The F100 CanAm Tool Standard Outside Corner Applicator Head puts the mud right where it counts for standard 90° outside corners. It is a snap to attach, and simple to use with any Applicator Tube. Enjoy great results sooner compared to mudding with ordinary hand tools.

  • Reliable joint compound application on outside corners with the CanAm Tool Outside Corner Applicator Head; easy gliding action and compatibility with popular tubes and corner boxes
  • Simplicity of use and easy maintenance makes mud application on outside 90 degree corners quick and consistent with two even ribbons of joint compound
  • Great addition to a Taping Tool Set to make outside corner compound application faster and efficient; fits all CanAm Tool Compound Mud Tubes, with the included easy clip-on retaining spring
  • Made in Canada with high-quality, lightweight aluminum body, superior stainless steel shoes, and replaceable rollers for tool longevity
  • Unlimited Lifetime Performance Policy – every CanAm Tool is warrantied against manufacturing defects and errors in workmanship – product support is just a phone call away!