4-Wheel Inside Corner Roller LE

4-Wheel Inside Corner Roller

What Is It?

Lightweight Ergonomic Roller

Made in Canada with industrial-quality materials, this patented, lightweight roller uses 4 non-skid, soft grip wheels to embed paper tape easier than ever before.


4-Wheel Roller LE In-Action

It weighs less than 0.8 lb (361 g) with a sturdy, one-piece frame that is powder-coated to make it as durable and simple to clean, as possible.


Our standard ⅜" NPT  threaded Handle Mount gives it compatibility with both our fixed length, and extendable Handles.

What Does It Do?

Setting the highest industry standard for Semi- Automatic Finishing Tools, this Roller precisely sets and firmly embeds paper tape or corner trim into inside corners.


4-Wheel Inside Corner Roller Dynamic Angle

The four textured, soft-grip wheels deliver greater control, and a consistent finish for bead and tape on inside corners. With the wheels light grip, they firmly embed for crisp lines, and a high quality finish.


The new lightweight frame and the rubber wheel's non-slip design give more control while requiring less effort for rolling inside corners.

How Does It Work?


1. Apply mud and tape to the angle.

Operation diagram

2. Start with the Corner Roller at the middle of the joint, and lightly set the middle few feet of tape with a back-and-forth motion parallel to the joint.

3. Continuing from the middle of the joint, increase pressure, and embed the rest of the tape with a back-and-forth motion.


Rubber Wheels

 • Lightweight wheel
 • Self lubricating bearings
 • Long axle stability



Aluminum Frame

 • Lightweight
 • Solid design
 • Easy-clean Polyester protective powder-coat



Recessed Hinge

 • Geometry increases stability
 • More flexibility for tight spaces
 • Self Lubricating bearing



Like almost all drywall tools, this Roller will work best when free of dried compound. Rinse it clean with water after each use. 

Key Features and Benefits

Non-Skid Rubber Wheels


Polyester Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame


Smooth, Fast, and Easy to Roll


Lightweight - 0.8 lb (361 g)


Simple ⅜" NPT Threaded Handle Mount


Provides for Consistent Results Every Time


Quick, Easy Clean-up


Sturdy Construction


Ergonomic Design


Full Lifetime Performance Policy:

Every CanAm Tool is warrantied against manufacturing defects and errors in workmanship


Product support is just a phone call away!

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